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8020 Contracting

The Scenario

8020 Contracting is a Staffordshire-based management recruitment business working with the retail sector.

They had been with their accountant for nearly 15 years and felt let down by the level of service and pro-activity but they were still fearful of changing as they thought it would be stressful to move.

They were looking for more involvement and understanding of their business from their accountant as well as developing a plan for their future.


How We Helped

The handover from the previous accountant was quickly made and we moved 8020 Contracting onto Xero.

From there, we established what the key performance indicators of the business were and built these into a bespoke quarterly management reporting pack, which gave everyone accountability of the numbers and a way to immediately “tune up” the business.

We developed future forecasts based on different scenarios to develop and grow the business but to also give the directors a better work-life balance. We review their business at quarterly meetings to keep a close eye on how it is performing and changing so we are ready to adapt to meet their future goals.


What They Said

For a number of years we hadn’t been happy with our accountancy situation but were fearful of changing, as changing your accountant is as bad as changing your bank account, isn’t it?

Well for some maybe but not for us, it’s been seamless. James doesn’t just do the numbers, he becomes an extension of your business, this is something we’ve never experienced before and we’ve been trading for 17 years. Our first meeting was a “get to know” for both sides, it was supposed to be an hour, 3 hours later, we felt like we’d known him for years.

He’s moved all our accountancy over to Elevate, without a hitch. He’s advised us about things that our previous accountant had never even mentioned. He’s genuinely interested in our future and he’s professional with a real personal touch. In the few months we’ve been working together, he’s added so much value to our business, everything is says he will do, he does and more.

I would highly recommend James as an accountant and as a great support for any business.

Caroline Craddock, Company Director